hansgrohe tap in matt black finish.

FinishPlus: Taps take centre stage

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The new shower range by hansgrohe: Croma E.

The all rounder for the family bathroom

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XXL overhead shower: a truly lavish showering experience with Rainfinity.

Rainfinity: a whole new dimension to showering

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Eco-friendly: The hansgrohe water savings calculator.

Save water and energy with hansgrohe now

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New 爱游戏官网|爱游戏外围|爱游戏注册 tap from hansgrohe: Aquno M81

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Check out all the new hansgrohe 爱游戏官网|爱游戏外围|爱游戏注册 products
Your premium brand for bathrooms and 爱游戏官网|爱游戏外围|爱游戏注册s


Look forward to enjoying a better living environment


If you love beautiful design in the bathroom and 爱游戏官网|爱游戏外围|爱游戏注册 and recognise the importance of excellent quality, then this is the right website for you. At hansgrohe, you will find an abundance of premium products for showers, bathrooms and 爱游戏官网|爱游戏外围|爱游戏注册s. What’s right for you? Discover our range of products: Bathroom taps and mixers for wash basins, showers and bath tubs. Showers such as head showers, shower sets and shower systems. Kitchen products such as 爱游戏官网|爱游戏外围|爱游戏注册 taps, 爱游戏官网|爱游戏外围|爱游戏注册 sinks and combi units consisting of a sink and a tap.

December Update 

The situation around the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and its effects are currently demanding a lot from everyone. We have always stressed that our first priority at Hansgrohe is to ensure that our employees, their families and customer partners remain safe. 

To continue to support our customers and the users of our products, we are still operating and can supply product in accordance to Government guidelines.
Should you have any product queries, our sales, customer services & technical support teams remain fully operational and can be contacted by the usual methods
From all of us at Hansgrohe, please take care of yourself, your families and your colleagues. 

hansgrohe's newest technologies and products


For beautiful 爱游戏官网|爱游戏外围|爱游戏注册 and bathroom design



Be inspired by our passion for water! At hansgrohe, we do everything we can to add beauty and sensuality to your encounters with water. We know how much you enjoy showering, bathing and washing up when you have emotive design that is visually and physically flattering, comfortable to hold and indulges the senses. To make sure that all wash basin elements are compatible, hansgrohe has tested more than 12,000 tap/wash basin combinations.


“Made by Hansgrohe” also means “Designed for Life”. For almost 120 years now, we have been using our German engineering skills and our eye for detail to develop innovative products, technologies and functions with a long service life. Even when much demand is placed on them. Experience the difference that clever ideas can make, for example with hansgrohe Select technology.


On the hansgrohe website, you will find trends and creative ideas for your bathroom and 爱游戏官网|爱游戏外围|爱游戏注册 designs. With our online information, mobile tools and catalogue downloads, we aim to provide you with inspiration and support during the planning phase. Something good to know: even after your purchase, we will continue our role as your reliable partner when it comes to help, service, guarantee or spare parts. 
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