By stripping a space back to its core, the focus is put on just a few well chosen items, making it a perfect opportunity to show off the very best of bathroom design. Here, a minimalist all-white interior blends with the simple shapes of the shower and taps, to create a space that you can truly relax in.

Large shower with plain bathtub.
Modern and minimalist


If you live for the uncluttered, and find beauty in the neutral, this minimalist bathroom is a dream. The modern architecture and use of natural light work together to create a bathroom that instantly calms the mind and relaxes the body. The shower and bath each invite you to linger, while the understated and uncluttered sink blends in seamlessly. Here, there are no colourful accent colours or ornate decorative touches - just a clean, fresh and spacious bathroom for you to relax in.


Thanks to the precise design of the hansgrohe Talis range, the taps and valves are the perfect addition to this minimalist bathroom. The plain white ceramics elegantly accentuate the shine of the chrome surfaces, while the Croma 100 shower offers three different jet types, for a truly personal shower experience. Innovative hansgrohe technology guarantees functionality for years to come, as well as everyday convenience.


A pure white room needs just a hint of contrast, which comes in the form of the elegant chrome Talis taps and mixers.

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