Modern materials and natural resources


You can achieve an informal spa-like feel, by mixing natural and man-made materials. Take inspiration from this beautiful bathroom, where they have mixed pinewood floorboard and exposed concrete. Surrounding the sink with wood highlights the unusual design of the white ceramic taps, while the separate shower and sink area allows the space to breathe.

Large bathroom with floorboards, a quiet area in bright atmosphere
Using wood to create a warming effect


The spacious floor plan of this bathroom has been used to maximum effect, dividing the toilet area from the more relaxing area of the bath, shower and wash basin. Wood has been used to create a lounging area of a differing height - perfect for relaxing with a book after a long bath - while the foot-friendly floorboards add even more warmth to the area. This look can be set off with cosy scatter cushions, a warm blanket, and even a gallery of your favourite photos, to create your own private hideaway.


If you’re lucky enough to have a bathroom with large windows, or access to a garden or terrace, you can magnify the informal bathroom experience with natural light. In bathrooms without natural light, you’re able to customise your lighting to amplify areas to create an informal bathroom style. Use it to draw attention to the fine lines of ceramics, and the white and chrome of your taps. With their sensuous design, the PuraVida range of taps integrates seamlessly, while the large shower system makes water indulgence the main focus of the room.


The informal bathroom promotes a feeling of wellness, and the wood serves to highlight the unusual white and chrome taps.

Ideas for the composition with wood in a cosy bathroom.
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