Natural tranquility, mindfully designed


Experience the revitalising power of nature, in an environment carefully designed to maximise that feeling of zen. In this bathroom, you can enjoy the combination of natural materials, such as stone and wood, with the latest bathroom technology, so you can luxuriate in every rejuvenating drop of water.

Luxurious bathroom with high quality accessories
Elegant luxury, designed for you


Designing your perfect bathroom gives you the chance to create your own personal nirvana. To achieve a spa-like feel, combine natural stone and modern bathroom technology, and express your own refined aesthetic with subtle colours and a calming minimalist design. Here, the marble tiles, used over the entire room, seamlessly transition between surfaces to create a feeling of space. By combining the bath, shower and sink into one streamlined plane, together with mirrored storage to keep surfaces uncluttered, this bathroom becomes a tranquil retreat from the stresses of everyday life.


This elegant space forms the ideal backdrop to the silhouette of the white bathroom ceramics and shiny chrome mixers. The contemporary 90 degree angle of the Metropol taps and mixers accentuates the elegant aesthetic, while the innovative technology they house is a further nod to the modern. In the vanishing point of the room, a spacious shower system invites you to experience truly versatile water use.


A background of marble highlights the geometric lines of the Metropol tap, creating a modernist masterpiece.

The hansgrohe Rainmaker Select showerpipe brings contemporary style to your bathroom
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