A youthful and modern space


Whether it’s a bathroom for your first home or you want to revitalise an existing space, this youthful bathroom shows that great design doesn’t have to cost the earth. It’s a chance to personalise your decor, by choosing a bright tile colour, which can then be mixed with clean lines to deliver a playful and modern space.

Informal bathroom with coloured tiles.
Fresh thinking and fresh design


A clever use of bathroom technology can help you create a space that is both functional and vibrant, even in small spaces. Bright daylight makes the room look bigger, and the wet room-style shower guarantees plenty of room to move around. The combination of natural stone, classic white tiles and a fresh green mosaic gives the room unmistakable vivacity. Finally, the white bathroom ceramics and chrome taps and mixers finish off this simple and stylish bathroom.


The slender mixer body of the Crometta Showerpipe is the central focus of the room, while the additional hand shower guarantees versatile water use. Behind their modern design, the mixers conceal innovative technologies, offering both efficient and comfortable water indulgence.


Exercise your creativity, then use these linear taps to complement your colourful bathroom interior.

Modern shower with overhead shower and hand shower.
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