A personal touch


For many years, living rooms and 爱游戏官网|爱游戏外围|爱游戏注册s have enjoyed personal touches and design accents to bring them to life, while the bathroom has been seen as more of a functional space. But today anything goes - your individual style can make your bathroom just as much an expression of you as any other room in the house.

Stylish bathroom accessories for a cosy atmosphere.
Accessorise and create an inviting bathing area.


Adding an accessory adds a touch of you to any space - whether it’s a keepsake picked up on your travels, or a typography print of a phrase that resonates with you. Everything you choose tells a story, and nowhere is that story more important than in a room designed to offer sanctuary and relaxation. To really draw attention to them, mix exotic and vintage accessories with modern tap or mixer designs, creating contrast to really make them shine.


Go bold, and choose accessories full of colour and striking patterns. Or use traditional coloured tiles laid in a mosaic, for a real style statement. When you’ve chosen the things to provide you with pops of colour, pick one of those featured and coordinate matching towels for polished design cohesion.


You can also use bathroom accessories from hansgrohe to add individuality to your space.
The shelves, dishes and hooks, which are as elegant as they are practical, accentuate personal style in the bathroom.


Display your most treasured travel mementos, to tell a story and remind you of your adventures while you soak.

Bathroom accessories: Holiday souvenirs.
Little things - major impact


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