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For many, the bath tub is a relaxing oasis. A place to retreat to and enjoy a revitalising break. The more aesthetically pleasing and comfortable the setting, the better the enjoyment. The hansgrohe sBox improves the look and feel of the bathroom. Shower hoses dangling around is a thing of the past. Enjoy the beautiful view and the added freedom to move.

hansgrohe sBox: a shower hose that can be tucked away in the bath tub.


The shower hose that turns invisible and disappears into the bath tub rim when you don’t need it. Attractive and convenient, it is coiled up and hidden away. It can be quickly and easily pulled out for the next bath or shower.  Up to a handy 1.45 metres it is extremely easy to handle, requiring little traction and holding force. Guiding the hose along the bath tub is controlled, protected and safe with the hansgrohe sBox as the shower hose does not get twisted.


The sBox’s metal wall flange is all you can see from the outside. Choose between two attractive designs, rectangular or oval, depending on which wall flange matches your bathroom taps. And it’s so easy to clean as the smooth surfaces are low maintenance. Place the hand shower of your choice anywhere along the bath tub rim with the sBox. Please select the shower separately. Pick the right one for you that’s to your taste. The sBox is compatible with all conventional shower and bath tub models, as long as the bath tub rim is wider than 71 mm.


The sBox is a premium solution for bath tub installations in new builds and bathroom renovations. The smart hansgrohe pulley system was previously only used in the 爱游戏官网|爱游戏外围|爱游戏注册, where it tidied up the space under the 爱游戏官网|爱游戏外围|爱游戏注册 sink and made it easy for the hose on the pull-out tap to glide in and out. The closed all-in-one system replaces the current Secuflex bath tub system in concealed bathroom installations.


The hose coiling system for the bath tub can be quickly and conveniently installed. There is a two-step installation with the basic and pre-fab set, making it easy: The sBox can be completely integrated into the bath tub rim or into the edge of the tiles. Hidden away, it requires very little space. All this plus extremely low maintenance needs.

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