hansgrohe showers and taps equipped with EcoSmart technology consume up to 60% less water than conventional products. This not only means that you use less water, but also need less energy to heat the water - good news for the planet, and good news for your wallet.


Hand Shower with EcoSmart reduces water consumption.
Conserving water: the sophisticated flow limitation in hansgrohe showers reduces the water consumption to 9 or 6 l/min.

EcoSmart technology may be hidden within your hansgrohe product, but the result is easy to see.

EcoSmart benefits:

  • Water consumption is reduced to 9 l/min on overhead and hand showers, while green products consume only 6 l/min.
  • hansgrohe taps only require 5 litres of water per minute as standard
  • Decreased hot water consumption and decreased energy consumption means both lower bills and reduced CO2 emissions.
  • A constant flow rate, even at different water pressures. You’ll enjoy full, bubbling water even at a low flow rate, thanks to the enrichment of air.


Find out how EcoSmart works with hand showers.


Save water with hansgrohe EcoSmart technology.
EcoSmart makes everything you do at the wash basin more economical.

hansgrohe EcoSmart reduces your daily water consumption at the wash basin by up to 60%. If you multiply this by the number of taps in your home, it can add up to a huge saving for both your wallet and the environment.

By adding air and by using a special flow limiter, water consumption on all hansgrohe EcoSmart basin taps is reduced to around 5 litres per minute. The EcoSmart aerator is built into the spout of the basin tap and enriches the water with air, resulting in a full, bubbling jet of water. A “precision elastomer” guarantees constant performance and a consistently powerful water jet, even when the water pressure fluctuates.


Find out how EcoSmart works with taps.


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