Modern hand shower - easy to operate.
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The intuitive operating concept with the button: Change the jet type, activate a different shower or turn the water on and off in just one click.

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Phoenix Design has been shaping the face of hansgrohe for more than 30 years. After all, they exclusively design the premium brand’s entire shower and tap range.

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A favourite shower is a deeply personal choice - do you prefer a fixed overhead shower, or the flexibility of a hand shower? A spray to wake you up, or one to help you unwind at the end of a long day? At hansgrohe, we offer a shower for every taste, whether you’re looking for a hand or overhead shower, shower set or shower system. We offer award winning designs, innovative technologies and expert craftsmanship, so whatever your budget and whatever your requirements, we have a shower that delivers.


Just updating a few key components of your bathroom can change it completely - without the need to commit to a big budget. A shower head can be installed easily, and will offer a brand new refreshing and massaging water experience. Replacing the shower rail by installing a shower set will give a cohesive look to the whole space. 


You can think big with a hansgrohe shower system, which can be installed straight onto existing wall connections. Consisting of both an overhead and a hand shower, connected by a rail, these are available with a built-in single lever or a thermostatic mixer. Multi-spray overhead showers turn your bathroom into a spa, offering a massage that can be enjoyed at your convenience.

If you’re installing a brand new bathroom, you have the chance to think on an even bigger scale. With a Rainmaker Select overhead shower, you can experience indulgence on a whole new level thanks to a 460 mm wide spray disc. Like all of our overhead showers, it can be installed in a variety of ways: either on the wall via a shower arm, looking down from above or embedded into the ceiling in its entirety.

And of course, you’ll find matching accessories for every choice, including shower hoses, shelf areas and grab bars.


hansgrohe showers don’t just look good. They contain  sophisticated technologies to help you shower more sustainably and more enjoyably. EcoSmart can reduce water consumption to 6 l/min, while with hansgrohe AirPower you can enjoy plump, soft droplets thanks to aeration of the water. And with Select, you can conveniently click through a range of 16 spray types at the touch of a button. Innovative technologies from hansgrohe are here to set new benchmarks in your bathroom.
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